Mobile Photography

I would have loved to call this page “The world from my Mobile Camera” or something in Spanish…not sure whether this is correct or not…(El Mundo del Cellular)..My Spanish brethren on the net can correct me. In fact I was inspired after having gone through the Seth Snap blog. Why not put  my amateurish photos taken from my mobile! Not the personal family variety, but the exciting, silly, archaic, artistic (I’d like to believe so), abstract ones!!

Just to let all you brethren-of-the-blogs, many of these snaps have been taken in precarious and dangerous ways – while driving a bike and car – and that too in India. If there are people who might have visited or country earlier, and for the information of the lesser known, driving on Indian roads is an experience in itself and I feel like a Jack Brabham on street everyday, clustered with many Sennas, Hamiltons and Schumachers!! There are a million people in my city (Gurgaon) and another 2 million in the neighboring city (New Delhi) – plus there are more cars in this city than 3 other metros put together…..

I am just trying to boast the fact that I took these snaps and lived to post them here.


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