Book Review – The Treasure of Kafur

Image result for treasure of kafurThis is my second book from Aroon Raman and I am rating him a scale of 5 on 5 – his writing excited me. This is an action-fantasy adventure book during the times of bullock carts and horses and Akbar; took me quite by surprise when the pace of the story stared building and that too from page 1. I do not want to be a spoiler of sorts, but the story unravelled from the very start when Malik Kafur decided to hide his treasure (not a spoiler here – but isn’t that the book about!). And I could not keep the book down, but as time would have it…I took quite a while to finish, due to the needs of the mundane.

Aroon has used his imagination to bring about a great journey spread out in the Mughal-age India, with subtle references to the kingdoms, kings, games, strife, struggles, conspiracies, magic, opulence, mystical nature of the common Indian life then.

One will find a ready-mix of plots and incidents (sometimes with predictable outcomes), which binds the chapters. A War scene has been described well; the maneuvers, squad movements, the gore…subtle but original. The mystical and magical elements have been interwoven with the mythical. Medieval thoughts, practices, culture, social systems…all interwoven into the story, but still makes for good reading.

The pace of the story is what binds all of it together. One might feel the urge to turn the pages faster and reach the conclusion. Quite movie-like, the script seems to be ready actually. Character building, plot execution, story-line…good reading, really enjoyed it. And Aroon has left an open event the end…for a sequel…that we gotta wait and see it that happens.


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