Apne Bal Pe

In my current endeavors….I have met many who simply say its not their cup of tea, or we cannot do it, or simply blame lady luck…kismat ka khel…or are simply unwilling to take an untreaded path……I think at one point in time..I was there too…but I changed my thoughts….I guess I have learnt it too…the hard way and now am seeing the benefits of walking a path less travelled…

For those who feel they are stuck….the following is my creation just a while back…spontaneous as usual…because I was feeling supremely motivated today for having taken that step, for wanting to make the Change, and for aiming to make it large….!!

Is soch mein mat reh
Ki zindagi mein Kuch hoga,
Kuch hoga to sahi
Magar apne bal pe!

Mita sakta hai to mita de
Apni Likhi hui takdeer ko,
Khali slate pe kuch likh
Magar apne Bal pe!

Badal de naseeb ka woh panna
Jo tera kal banati hai,
Naseeb ka kaya palat
Aur woh bhi apne bal pe!

Is hairat mein din kyun guzare
ki mere saath aisa kyun hua,
Woh din bhi tera hoga
Tere apne bal pe!

Apne Aap ko kyun jalata hai
Aur kyun Kismat ko kose
Tu Chahe to kismat ghutne tek de
Khud hi ke Bal pe!

Aao Niklo Apni duniya se
Aur bana do ek naya raasta
Tod to Apne Dayere ko
Aur Badho Apne Bal pe!!


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