Book Review – Dancing Bear by Oren Sanderson

n Interesting Spy Novel

I am not very much into ebooks – I actually like the physical heaviness in my hands and flipping fingers through pages. But when this book came my way and promised me political and spy related thriller I said, lets go ahead and see if this can deliver. Took me some time to read it through my PC Kindle. At the end the book delivered on its promises.

Dancing Bear.jpgIts a thriller….in the beginning and definitely later on, during some of the chases akin to any spy blockbuster. The dynamics between the main characters and their growing intimacy keeps one wanting to see what happens at the end. At some places, I think some of the text just did not matter; but going by the storyline, I guess it probably was needed.

So there is action, chases, shootouts, adventure, long drive-throughs, multiple city travel, fight for lives, romance, twists and turns….

Is it fast paced, yes in most parts, and in some parts you run through to reach fast paced parts.

The main characters are built well…over the pages, one gets to know more and more about them both, David and Kate. This also keeps the intrigue required in a spy story. This book actually touches a slightly different chord, but is likeable. Well written, effortless reading, no long drawn monologues or thoughts. The writing is in first person, so it intermingles with the author’s life experiences.

The story is simple, different, gets complex as you read and the finale was unexpected.

So, overall…good time spent.


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