My First Zentangle

I have always known myself to be a creative person with an extreme love for art and a good hand in creating something out from the mundane and ordinary. God only knows why He let me wander around so much in life doing things which now only provide a satisfactory glance of being there done that!! Though, I am grateful to the Almghty for having given me the opportunity to experience being there and doing that, like flying an aircraft. Not many get that chance…So Thank you!!

I guess he had this plan after all, but wanted me to figure out on my own – to bring me back to what I love doing most..Create!!

Art has always attracted me in many ways and only in recent times have I got back to this love of mine. And how many times I can thank a friend Krithika for having posted sets of drawings which I later learnt is a form of doodling. Many thanks to her too, for making me come across this term called “Zentangle”. At first I just thought, wow that’s a cool style of art, but was zapped to know that this doodling just happens to be a lot more than just and art form – its an industry.

Zentangle - I Can I Will

So notwithstanding the fact that some day I would love to take this art form into an industrial path, I started off with my own rendition of a doodle which became a daily 15 minute ritual before I finished it completely. This 15 minute work on this attached piece made me go into a meditative state and probably that is why this art form is used in improving focus and concentration apart from calm it gives to the mind.

I brought myself to learn the tricks of making this “I Can I Will” tangle. This is where Pinterest and google came handy, from where I got a lot of ideas. I knew I had to try my hand before I got into making bigger and more interesting designs. So I made this on the vacant space inside the cover of a notebook. I also posted this on Facebook and got interesting reviews from my friends.

My first ZTangle drawing has made me hungry for more and I promise this will only get bigger and hungrier.


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