Book Review – A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Coffee

Coffee BookIt is just by chance that I came across this ebook and I am so glad that I did. Let me mention first upfront, it was a long day and I was sipping a cup of coffee and a coffee table book was lying around on another table in the café. I just happened to ask myself, there are so many such coffee table books around the world, wonder if there is any such book available which just celebrates Coffee as such. This wondering question sent me on a hunt on the internet for a book that just talk about Coffee. And here it was. Shlomo Stern’s “A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Coffee”.

So while I love to drink hot beverages and love my latte, I have only seen my coffee in a cup and never ever bothered to know how it comes to be…This book not only answered this question, but also gives a lot more than just a method of making a good cup of coffee.  It is as comprehensive as can be. This book is a perfect guide for anyone wanting to make a career in the Coffee industry, or a coffee connoisseur in general.

There is a history of coffee, chronologically leading from the 17th Century till modern coffee making. For the first time, I was able to understand the difference between Arabica and Robusta varieties of coffee, and how Coffee is harvested in many ways and how it is classified around the world. Shlomo also takes us through the various stages and precise measurements of making the coffee for the cup, the various roasting and grinding methods, storing and tasting methods and brewing methods.

The most interesting and informative part of this book were two infographics which depicts a structure to define coffee flavor  and its called “The Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel”. It was created by The SCAA (the Specialty Coffee Association of America@) and helps cuppers to describe coffee taste. The other one is the Flavour Pyramid, which helps one understand the flavor profile according to feeling. A table which gives precise data on the various types of coffee beverage across the world and how much caffeine that cup of beverage contains.

This book is a wholesome entertaining read for those initiated into coffee knowledge buff, and also for the uninitiated to understand coffee better. I learnt for the first time that one can depict a molecular formula for coffee!  Hell, there is a lot of trivia on Coffee – coffee art, coffee related championships across the world, coffee types grown in various countries and a guide to buying the best espresso machine there is!!

The book has been painstakingly written with a lot of research going into building this anything-about-coffee information book. One can learn a few great things about this most loved World beverage.  I will highly recommend this book to the coffee lovers. It’s a Coffee book By the People, Of the People and For the people !!

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Book can be bought at Shlomo Stern’s “A COFFEE LOVER`S GUIDE to COFFEE


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