” This is all that you have to do..trust me. Only ask the questions that I have taught you”

Mishra ji’s statement was bland..without a hint of concern towards Anmol. His focus was to get all the answers he was seeking. Anmol was the pawn who would bring about a twist in the case they had been pursuing for over 3 years now.

Rakesh Mishra had been practising law for almost 20 years now. “Chal raha hai” is how he usually described it. This was the case which would change his fortunes forever, and he will cease to be yet another chamber number in the vast expanse of the district court – where a lakh cases were filed and about a thousand lawyers walked in and out of court rooms..daily!

3 years back, a nondescript individual walked into his chamber – more like a chair & table in a hurriedly constructed shed, the wall on either side shared by two other lawyers. Bhagat Rai, was a poor farmer from the interiors of the district, his land had been initially encroached upon and finally taken over without him getting anything much to talk about. The land sharks were the goons of the filthy rich business tycoon Vimal Wadhwa, who had been creating a name for himself in the real estate scene. Rakesh ji was reluctant, Bhagat would not be able to pay much. However, he saw an opportunity – to redeem his career, by taking on a big name.

It has been 3 years now, nothing much had moved. His practise had instead taken an upturn, with too much focus gone into the case no 1028/2012 Bhagat Rai Vs Wadhwa Contructions. He had now received a thousand dhamkis, but he did not drop it, the case was in the media now. He wanted to derive all the mileage for himself through this.

It was only when Anmol, a senior executive from Wadhwa Contructions walked in on his side to support Bhagat’s cause. One would have thought he was doing this for a poor human, it was not. Anmol had been double crossed in another land grab deal by Vimal Wadhwa and this was his way of getting back at him. This is when the media started to take interest, but the seriously slow movement was taking its toll on the plaintiff.

“Lets entrap him,” Mishra’s junior proposed.” Vimal Wadhwa is an egoistic and greedy bastard, lets entrap him into believing a land is available and somehow make him confess Bhagat’s land grab, record it and take it to court”

“Now we are going to do a sting operation?’ Mishra quipped,”Is that all is left?”

ASI Baburam, Mishra’s close pal, advised,” Aur koi rasta nahi. You can go on and fight this case till the end of life, but nothing is going to come out of it. You make him confess on tape, somehow and then you can get a deal from Wadhwa for everyone here. You can make crores……” He said with a smile, a hint that he is now part of the pie!!

Six months of preparation had come to this day. Anmol will meet Wadhwa, for old times sake and discuss a land. Knowing Wadhwa, he was sure to be keen.

The appointment taken, Anmol was wired with hidden cams all over his body. A pen-cam, a button-cam and a briefcase-cam which he would carry. “What the hell am I doing.” he doubted,” what have I got myself into.” The thought of getting Wadhwa to sweat and pay through his nose, was salivating and reason enough.

“Just ask him the questions in between your casual dialogues. All will be well” Mishra was probably shitting in his pants while saying this, but he now had a smile.

The D-Day arrived, Anmol drove down to  Wadhwa’s swanky office. All made from blood money, not his – Anmol walked into the top floor office. It was different now. Something was amiss and he could not point his finger to it. There were no guards to check him, no brawny eyes watching like a hawk. What has changed?

This was unnerving, he shuddered and was considering turning back, and just then –

“Anmol, mere bhai, you are back. Good to see you again. I was completely lost without you” Wadhwa was magnanimous in his greeting.

Did he see me coming? – Anmol could not get past the nerve…

“Yeah..now you tell me that…bastard Liar” thought Anmol, mindfully smiling to acknowledge.

“You switched sides brother….achha nahi kiya, What will you get fighting me? But now that you are home, I am fine, tell me what will you have Anmol?”

“Your office is swankier since I last saw it.  Not many guards too, like before. What have you been upto, Vimal?”

“Arrey, I have used technology to help me now. I have eyes on me 24/7. Business has been good, but then, you left and started your campaign against me – you went against me Anmol. Why?” Vimal, straight face, emotionless.

Anmol fumbled…”Uhh…Yaar…leave that…it was a mistake, now I am here, lets talk business”

Vimal gave a straight, simple, stare, which was perturbing. A good pause later, he said,”You know what Anmol, technology has really advanced…you will not believe how much.” Pause, as if wondering whether to should I or shouldn’t I…..

“Here come let me show you something. I have installed some cool gadgets”, he had decided.

Vimal took Anmol to a small panel on the facing wall and opened it.

“You see this…this is the world’s best signal jammer, jams every god damn signal in this room, mobile phones don’t work here, except mine…hehehe”

“Ummm…” as if trying to remember,”microphones don’t work here…..” he smirked

“Hell you know what….” he continued..”I have had this tested on hidden cameras too.” He turned towards Anmol now, straight-on-the-face intimidating, “However small they may be…however hidden they may be !!”


  • Chal raha hai – Going on
  • dhamkis – threats
  • Aur koi rasta nahi – no other way
  • mere bhai – my brother
  • achha nahi kiya – Did not do good
  • Yaar – Friend

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