An Interview

Waiting-for-Call-Back-Interview“Adil…..wake up…, fast…its almost 8 am!…Nalayak…!” Feroze Ahmad said in an angry tone..

This seems to have become a routine at the Ahmads’. Adil had finished his college an year back and all that was on the mind and discussion of this 7 member family – Adil must get a job and support his father in feeding the house.

Feroze Ahmad, Adil’s father, was a floor supervisor at one of the sports goods manufacturing units that dotted Meerut. This was his 40th year and his hopes of retiring has fallen on Adil Ahmad, the eldest of the 5 siblings.

Zoya, the youngest and Adil’s favourite, walked in..

Bhai..ab uth jao…Abba is getting angry..he is leaving for office and wants you to come with him”.

Feroze had wanted to introduce Adil to his boss, perhaps he maybe liked and get a job in his office.

“Sir, he knows Computer-shumputer and will work hard” he had said before taken permission to bring him along.

“What does Abbu think….its only been a year since college…!” Adil muttered…while giving a plastic smile to the angelic face of Zoya, “why is he expecting a miracle! Son is now a graduate, and the industry is waiting for him, only, Huh..!!”

Abbu’s  daily tirades were getting on his nerves. Nalayak being the most common one, irresponsible, laid-back, lazy, even Kamina and some other unmentionable ones had been used. Comparisons with neighbours’ sons had begun 5 months back.

“Jamal’s son has got a job in a Gurgaon call centre….when will you start earning, you are sitting at home bekar?”

Feroze could not get educated much and had to make do with his glory till class 9, but he gave his heart and soul to bring all his kids up and give them the best of education – Adil, Zoyeb, Hina, Imtiaz & Zoya. He was the eldest, and responsibilities lay ahead, however much he avoids it…a job was the most sought after thing at this point in his life.

This thought lay heavy on his head for a few moments when his mother, Ameena, walked in and said ” Beta, Abbu needs your support, his asthma is getting worse day by day…now it is your turn….to take care of us”

…..yet another sentimental brick on his shoulders..he was only 21!!

His attempts at job-hunt actually began immediately after college – typing his resume at his college library, finding names and contacts of the placement agencies in nearby cities of Meerut, emailing resumes and the whole nine yards!

He had been given the privilege of having one of the two mobile phones at that he can get direct calls. Most of the incoming calls were from someone trying to sell him a card, loan and even a plot of land!!

“Do you have a job for me?” He had twice asked !

No calls. Yet. All he needed was a call for a job interview…..One Year and no calls!! Frustration was already setting in, but anytime soon…it seemed…something had to end.

Calling friends, brothers of friends, his door-ke-mama in Dubai! His attempts had been ongoing, and the wait was getting more and more agitated.

The ambience at home was tensed, most of the time, and as if he was to be blamed for all this. At least that is what his father made him feel. Slowly and steadily, nothing of his was being tolerated. A fleeting thought of running away from home…had also visited him!

The phone rang….he reluctantly picked it one calls him so early so it must either be his best friend Vinod or yet another loan provider !!


“ this Adil Ahmad?”


“Hi Adil, I am calling from a call centre in Noida and this call is regarding an Interview…..”!!


  • Nalayak – Good for nothing
  • Kamina – Rascal
  • Bhai..ab uth jao – Brother, Now get up!
  • bekar – idle
  • Beta – Son
  • door-ke-mama – Distant maternal Uncle / who is not a direct relation

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