Yet again…photographs inspire me a lot and here it is again. An impromptu poem flew right out of my head on seeing this snap taken by my dear friend and senior from the Indian Air Force, WingCo VIvek Singh. Readers must check out his snaps at Vivek’s Wanderlust. I must say here that, usually, photographs are those moments which get frozen in time because they have a story to be told at the that moment. I am truly grateful to God Almighty to have given me the ability to seek that story to be told, and am grateful to my friends to keep inspiring me with these snaps of life and their kind words.

Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!

Door daraaz raahon ko takte,
Lambi safar ko hum chale,
Ek kaamyaabi ki talash mein,
Taraste baadalon ke tale.

Mud rahe thhe dagar dagar,
Badal rahe thhe raston ke rukh,
Rangon se khelte khilte nagar,
Maang rahe thhe mehenge sukh.

Kai Din nikle bhatakte hue,
Shaamein bhi hui gumshuda,
Raatein kat-ti na thhi chah ke bhi,
Zindagi chali yun akeli ho fida.


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