A Training Invite :: Ep 7 :: Conclusion

I was faced with a dilemma, a guest lecture in a B-School, is normally not very…ahem…what should I say, accepted. You normally get to do an elective subject, which has very little following. So could this one be any different? I said to myself, How does it matter…make the most of this opportunity and know yourself too.

I expected a large audience, I was told there would be at least 15, but you know what, I only got to speak to 4..yes that was the audience that came. The faculty who had invited me was so crestfallen (“embarrassed” is the word) with the attendance that she herself sat down to listen to me.

I did not mind it at all…and took most out of the opportunity given to me…it was a time given to me and I hoped to bring the best out of my presentation.

So here I was taking them through my lecture as I planned and though it was a 4+1 audience…there was a rapt participation and that made my day. A couple of additions to my sections, was the idea of a leadership war cry….

Repetition  – The Self Leader War Cry!!

A Leader has to continuously motivate himself. The students were asked to repeat the following line with me at the end of this presentation.

“I look inside me and celebrate it! 
What I’m becoming, I wouldn’t trade it!
I am the Leader I’m meant to be now
I know the Leader is in me.

I’ll be proactive and make good choices
I’ll set the goals and I’ll lend my voices
I’ll always listen to hear myself
I know the Leader is in me.”

The last line was the war cry and we all raised our voices with energy (“Josh”)

The Finale

The final version of the presentation is attached here for one and all. Hope you like it.

Building a Brand You


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