A Training Invite :: Ep 6 :: Building a Brand “You”

My writing was stalled yet again. However, I would like to finish my story on my lecture. From what appeared in my previous write up, the scheme of things towards my lecture on this subject, was slowly falling in place, and the direction finalized for the presentation was forming up well.

The paucity of time (which was indeed self induced) was now pressurizing me to finish this up…. The various sections were now getting ready and what remained was the culmination of thoughts, which I believed would be engaging enough. I was indeed working backwards, but I guess, that is how everything fell in place and a clear picture on how I would be shaping this lecture was forming fast.

In my earlier days in the corporate world, I had a mentor who said build your own identity in the field chosen. Something which relates only to you, let people notice what you are doing and how differently you do it. One’s own identity which gets recognized just by looking at it, is the brand identity that one builds.

Without deviating much from the central point of this lecture, it is vital to consider yourself as the product and your leadership qualities as the characteristics of this product. In order to become a leader, and be able to train oneself towards self-leadership, it is essential to consider yourself a Brand.

The central point of my topic, around which the whole story would revolve was now found. The various episodes I mentioned here were now being bound together by this storyline called “Building a Brand: You”.

How different can you be, do you really know how much of the leader is already resident in you, what is that you as a brand compares to what remains to be achieved …

Building Yourself as a brand starts with first the ability to understand what you mean by a leader, and what is missing in you vis-a-vis your favourite leader you want to emulate or follow or develop qualities of. Once you have found out about the leadership qualities you desire, start working towards defining your own leadership style, values, a value objective etc. – and then design your own plan to train yourself as the leader you desire to be.

I divided this discussion into 3 sections:


Who is a leader: A leader is someone you has a vision towards achieving something, with an unflinching and undying commitment towards the goals he creates for himself and the people around him, and either has the skills, or develops them to ensure the achievement of goals. It is this understanding of what it means to be a leader, its definitions, values associated with leadership, The understanding of what self-leadership means and the traits of a favourite leader and how you stand against it, which was to be discussed.


Build your own value objective. A sense of direction, which you create for yourself.  For myself it is “You are who you are when nobody’s watching.” It is a sense of understanding that you have to follow the loadstone where it is pointing. Any deviation, needs a course correction, which is going to be time consuming as well as costly. Do you have cornerstones to your own leadership values, what are your ‘cornerstone’ in the approach to leadership.?


Once you have discovered and defined the values you need to develop or improve upon, do you have a plan to implement the same. The Self Ltd model of Leadership is what was discussed here. I planned to discuss the following principles of implementation of leadership values and style:

  • Purpose: find the sense of meaning
  • Focus: do the right things
  • Authenticity: live in truth
  • Renewal: learn continuously and be brave
  • Trust: trust yourself and have faith in universal intelligence
  • Patience: be patience and ready
  • Assertiveness and discipline: don´t give up
  • Sensitivity: learn to read weak signals
  • Love: love is the most powerful source of energy
  • Humbleness: be of service

This division of the lecture, helped me give a structure, a method to the madness. A well planned session will always boost the energies of the presenter and thus helps in creating an atmosphere for positive acceptance.

Last but not the least: A Training Invite :: Ep 7 :: Conclusion…coming next.


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