A Training Invite :: Ep 5 :: “Self Ltd.”

I had been away for a while on a much needed break for the family, and some urgent personal work. And this is the first time I am trying to write using my mobile and that too in a moving train. Its unusual, and exciting in some way. Typos were aplenty but a good test of typing skills.

In continuation of this series, I now come across a new and interesting topic to be discussed in my lecture session. But before we jump onto it, let me first explain on how I arrived on the subject in the first place. The role of a leader is to ensure there is a vision towards achieving a goal, with a die-hard commitment towards fulfilling the same, and having the requisite skills to ensure completion of the task. In the run-up towards developing this skill, a wannabe leader, or self developing leader needs to focus on improvement of several ‘personal’ faculties.  And to my understanding, all these faculties are, at best, at the philosophical level of the person.

I came across a very interesting piece of work done by Pentti Sydänmaanlakkain his article “What is Self-leadership?” (click here to download). He suggests about the content of self-leadership and how it could be implemented efficiently into practice. He discusses two models of self-leadership; Self Ltd and the “Total Wellness Model”. The key message that he conveys is that self-leadership consists of very concrete things and the primary problem is not that the knowledge of of leadership is missing, but actually it is the need for discipline in order to implement it (the knowledge) into practice. There are ten principles of leadership which is discussed in this paper.

  1. Purpose: find the sense of meaning
  2. Focus: do the right things
  3. Authenticity: live in truth
  4. Renewal: learn continuously and be brave
  5. Trust: trust yourself and have faith in universal intelligence
  6. Patience: be patience and ready
  7. Assertiveness and discipline: don´t give up
  8. Sensitivity: learn to read weak signals
  9. Love: love is the most powerful source of energy
  10. Humbleness: be of service

The Self Ltd. Model

According to this model, let us imagine ourselves to be an organization called “Self Ltd.” and we are managing directors of this organization. The idea is to lead this entity well. The organization is divided into physical, mental, social, spiritual and work departments. These are the “personal faculties” that I was talking about in the 2nd paragraph above . We must be able to manage the operations of these departments and the functions and interactions between them. Here, the leader and follower is supposed to be the same person – You!

We ourselves will be the subject and object and we appoint our Consciousness as the CEO of the company, who leads our body, mind, feelings and values.

Self Ltd


  • By physical condition it means that you have a balanced diet, and that you exercise, sleep and rest adequately.
  • Mental condition means that you are energetic, curious, have the ability to take fast decisions and for learning new things.
  • Social condition means that you can take care of your relationships, with your partner or spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, and that you have time for your hobbies.
  • Spiritual condition means that the purpose, values, vision and actions of your life are in balance. This means that you have clear objectives and spiritual stimuli steering your life.
  • Work / Professional condition means having clear objectives in work, sufficient competence, feedback about performance and continuous development.

This section was going to be my centrepiece of discussion – yes – thats what I thought. I had to delve into the philosophical level for improving awareness about Self Leadership for youngsters.

We will move into my final stages of preparation soon after this.

Coming Next – Episode 6 :: Building a Brand “You”.




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