A Training Invite :: Ep 4 :: Know Thyself

How much do we know ourselves?

In continuation, the session was falling in place one by one and I wanted to build in a couple of self evaluations in the program. And I thought a questionnaire of sorts should do good. So one section was intended to be so. I made this very simple, in fact, countless exercises are available to help you evaluate yourself. What I did was just try to collate the best of questions in multiple such exercises, questions which fit my line of lecture on Self-leadership.

So while I kept noting ideas to share with a class of budding MBA students, , I had to keep track of how much time I had in hand, that was only 75 minutes to the most. I reviewed 4 different questionnaires, read each question, evaluated myself in the process on the scale provided and noted down the most relevant questions. A sample of the questioning:

know thyself 1

The problem with such lines of questioning is that you end up finding many relevant questions. I ended up with 50!! Now that was a huge number and that would take time to complete. I did not have the luxury of the time. But hey, this was self-evaluation, I could leave it with the students for them to do it at their own pace.

However, having thought that, I did not want too many questions lest it became a bugger more than evaluation. Many questions get repeated in different ways, so did away with them.

The final version, after much “self-deliberation”,  was 20 questions and that I guess was a good number.


The self-survey was to be scored by adding the numbers that one circled under the rating.

  • A score of fifty or higher indicates a desire to become a leader and a perceived ability to perform the tasks required of a leader.
  • A score of fifty or less indicators a general dislike of wanting to become a leader or a perceived inability to perform the tasks required of a leader.

BUT, no matter what the score was, the commitment, desire, and determination were going to be the biggest indicators of the ability to become a leader.

The assessment was designed to help one to determine what skills and abilities need to be improved (these are the Strengths one already had) and what skills and abilities one needed to develop (these were going to be the Opportunities for growth). The self-assessment ended with two question to figure out the same.

  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your opportunities for growth?

The final version can be found here: Know Thyself – A Self Assessment Exercise

Coming up next….A Training Invite :: Ep 5 :: “Self Ltd.”


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