A Training Invite :: Ep 3 :: The Cornerstones

Foundation for Values

I found a very interesting piece to share in this column. In my search for some good subject matters, not only to discuss, but also to be able to work upon it myself, for my own self-development, I ended up reading about how a building stands on its foundations. Now, how that one is laid, is the basis of how long the building stands, and how much it can endure over the years.  Its “cornerstone” is the most important part. This might sound cliched, but please read on. There is a twist to the foundation, I am talking about.

I think, that the cornerstone of a person’s approach towards leadership, should be laid much in advance, but very few get a genuine chance to do so. It is important that a person – if he or she wants to train himself/herself – clarifies his own sense of leadership values.  It starts with reflecting upon the values that define one’s role as a leader. Thought provoking? A good foundation is needed to derive a person’s driving force towards self-leadership. Behind his desire for leadership, lies a need to explore such values and behaviors associated with each. So I inquired myself (which eventually became questions I asked the students).

  • What drives me?
  • What values do I associate with myself?
  • Which qualities should steer my goals?
  • What will be the values which I would call the cornerstones towards my approach as a leader?

With these thoughts in mind, I came across a great exercise on a site dedicated towards leadership workshops and exercises. In fact, exactly what I was looking for. They called it an exercise on Leadership Values, I called it the “My Cornerstones” exercises. The purpose was to give yourself a foundation statement towards your own approach to leadership, a definition of sorts.

There is a huge list of values, leadership traits and a fill-in-the blank statement

“_________________ is a ‘cornerstone’ in my approach to leadership.”

The students would need to read all the values, think hard, and stop to fill at least 5 values in the blank above. That would essentially become their value foundation.  The following is what got added to my presentation.

My cornerstones

As mentioned earlier, nothing will go to the students, unless I practised so. So I took a printout of the exercise and sat down to fill 5 of those objectives myself. I was unhappy with my response. After a good day, I did it again…I have not done it since. But I was at least satisfied. It only means, that there is no right or wrong answers, it only means that there has to be clarity of thought in your approach.

This calls for one more look at My Cornerstones.

More later in….A Training Invite :: Ep 4 :: Building a Brand “You”


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