A Training Invite :: Ep 2 :: Mulling over Lessons Learnt

Diving into myself

The preparation towards making the presentation for the B-school training session was planned to be a solid one week affair. I thought I should put in enough elements to make it more engaging – but that was never to happen. As mentioned earlier – “the rigmarole of the daily job” – I had to do away with that one week affair and limit it to the last 2 days only that too about 5-6 hours altogether

This became my 1st lesson towards my self. Management of time. Doesn’t come easy this! There has to be a discipline in day-to-day life and that without any doubt comes with practice or forced protocols (like in the Military).

Question then was – should I put this in the training session. Nope – I have not been able to manage my time well, so I guess that cannot be something I preach. Hence out it went.

So here comes the hardest of all the lessons – Being honest to yourself. Learnt it all along the way, from my parents, from some industry people and definitely got it ingrained in myself. Who should I be lying to ? At least not myself. It is – simply put – foolhardy, to be doing that. It has been said, and been experienced – your character shows on your face.

“You are what you are when no one is looking at you”

I have kept this quote (which I first heard when I was in my teens and probably just about to finish high school) I do not think this left me. No matter what one does, this works like magic. Be Yourself, do not change for others, follow yourself and not others. If you are true to yourself, it will show. Every bit of character and basic nature of a human being gets displayed when no one is expecting it. This becomes the Value Objective for me.

But how does one compare with others, or should one even do so? Comparisons only helps analyze what is missing, if at all and what you need to work more upon. I believe that choosing a leader’s values, instead, is a good way to start a comparison. An honest analysis will provide the Basis of leadership values one needs. So here’s what I planned to do as an exercise with the students.

I made a list of top 30 traits of a good leader (of course hunted and collated from the internet). The idea was to ask the students to first look at the values in their favourite leader and tick them; and then cross those they think they possess. The remainder would be the ones where they needed to work upon.

Top 30 Traits of a Good Leader

Top 30 Traits of a Good Leader

Now this I liked, as I got some quality inputs about myself…ahem, which is privy to me only. My fav leader is Abraham Lincoln. A man of super virtues and a fantastic Leader to emulate.

I reached a critical point here in my planning to build a training presentation. What would be my approach for the lecture, How do I begin this, and How do I accommodate the lessons I learnt and was re-learning , how do I incorporate this exercise as a part of the lecture…I began with a few mulling on lessons and I was back to the drawing board – yup, here come the lesson of Planning.

More of it later…in the next episode… 🙂


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