A Training Invite :: Ep 1 :: “Re-journey” into Self Development

The Invite

The other day, I was invited to a Business School for providing a lecture to a class of students who are wishfully wanting to become a double major in MBA, one in HR and the other in Marketing. The idea was to cover my own experiences with respect to building oneself as a leader. Developing self as a leader, Self leadership qualities and the likes.

I think such topics are good for oneself. In the rigmarole of a daily job, both as a professional and at home, there are values deep inside which become silent spectators to your struggle. When you sit down to design a presentation for the young MBA aspirant, on a philosophical discussion such as self-leadership – there are parts of your inner being which you end up understanding. This is exactly what happened to me.

And know what…I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

The commencement of a new journey

I had to involve the students in understanding the art of training oneself into a leader. And what a revelation it was….I am glad I said yes to this lecture , because it allowed me a deep insight into where I was heading. There was this innate desire to do things differently, but my (so-called) jobs, never allowed me to walk the road less travelled. Now this desire remained so and re-surfaced yet again. So here I was, in front on my computer and deciding what to convey in an hour to all those young minds in one room.

My research on making it as engaging as possible was driven by my own experiences over the past 17 odd years. Something which began with the Indian Military and continues till date. My thoughts, my favourite leaders, what are my own characteristics, how do I compare with other leaders, should I even compare or build my own set of qualities, the values of leadership….well that was the script as it had to be. It all came back to me actually, and nothing better than examining yourself vis-à-vis what you want to be !!

So started my “re-journey” into Self Development. Yet again…afresh! More of it later….



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