Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 19

Been a long time

The last post I made was in October. I think that is reason enough to blame myself for such lethargy.

I keep telling the world around I love to write, but these delays only mean – I “loved” to write. But hey, all is not hunky dory outside anyway. However much one wants to write or interact with this space, there are elements that take you away from it. (Now that is my counter-ego talking, but nevertheless I am glad its there – at least I do not end up resigning to the above fact – of not trying because of “factors”)

There is a huge turnaround in my life. I am more conscious about myself now, more knowledgeable about myself, its like being able to recognize I & me much better than before.

I know now that there are abilities unknown, passions leashed, and egos in abundance. Just the things which need to see their own opposites – soon. Hone my unknown abilities, unleash my passions, and kill my egos to complete the cycle of recognition. This, my dear readers, has been ongoing process for quite sometime now. If I was away from me, it was my mistakes. The timelines are shrinking, and there is an intention towards my earlier motto – the road less traveled – which lay subdued.

Now the question arises, why does it take someone such a long time to do just that…my answer lies in a paragraph above – there are elements that drag you , away from you.

Another question (& a few others) – Is this a phase, or is it here to stay, and will it be long again since I lose and find myself again.

Just hoping it is not.


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