Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 18


It’s a working Sunday today…at least half a day, I think and nothing more refreshing than sitting in an empty office..just I, me, & myself. There was virtually nothing on my mind today, and let me tell you it is serene…..when there is just nothing to bog you down.

In Hindi language, there is a word, a mathematical and astronomical equivalent of Nothing and it is called “Shunya” (to be precise – Zero). “Shunya” is a Hindi derivative of the Sanskrit word “Shunyata” which aims at explaining the voidness, emptiness or thusness of the Universe. In many ways, it also explains the meditative state or experience of a human mind, body and soul  – a state of bliss. In such a small word is hidden a meaning of Self-consciousness.

How do I go about explaining this now, let me see –

There goes a story that Lord Buddha’s attendant, the monk Ananda, on day asked the Lord: “It is said that the world is empty, the world is empty, lord. In what respect is it said that the world is empty?”

The Buddha replied: “Insofar as it is empty of a self or of anything pertaining to a self: Thus it is said, Ānanda, that the world is empty.

Manifesting Nothingness

Nothingness is a means to or a mode of perception in which one neither adds anything to nor takes anything away from what is present. Profound isn’t it? It is the state of just being there and bring a balance between yourself and the surroundings. Universal Energy – Stable, Balanced, In Equilibrium ! Nothingness has been an effective way in dealing with bringing the inner self closer to the state of being one with the universe.

It is the manifestation of the Beginning and the End.  In absolute terms it means Reality (“tattva”) which is beyond plurality (“nirvana”). He who has realized the truth of Shunyata realizes the meaning and significance of everything. On the other hand, he who has not realized the truth of Shunyata, fails to realize the meaning and significance of anything and can explain nothing.

It is the exact point where all dimensions meet, the focal point, the Origin.

Achieving Nothingness

So how does one go about achieving nothingness. It would be a mistake to think that having nothingness would mean being nothing. If I draw a corollary between the philosophical and current state of affairs and in our corporate tradition, achieving ‘nothing’ as a state of mind allows one to be totally focused on a thought or activity at a level of intensity that they would not be able to do if they were consciously thinking. It is the single-minded devotion towards what we learn in our school as “Goals”.

A classic example of this is an archer attempting to erase the mind and clear the thoughts to better focus on the shot.
Growth begins with being at Zero. Remember the Counting starts with an Emptiness…and with every Shunya or Zero you pass from ones to the tens, hundreds, Thousands and Billions…
Wow…it felt just this way for a good amount of time.  From having nothing in the mind to everything put down here!!  We will pick this thread up sometime in later episodes to delve deeper into Self-Consciousness, Self-realization, self-determination.

2 responses to “Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 18

  1. That was the same here. The ‘shunya’, even though it was an off day for me. Did not want to go out and be a prey for the sun’s anger now and so here I am, reading some interesting posts.. Good information.
    And “do avoid working on sundays”…hehe

  2. 🙂 Well Anoop – here I am – writing and reading some interesting posts too, while some maintenance work continues at my office. This Sunday could not be avoided..but lucky for me it should get over soon and I will revert to being in your state of Shunya….i am probably at a different number right now 😉

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