Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 17

The Soul of Leadership

I am reading a Book by Deepak Chopra…”The Soul of Leadership”. I am not a great fan of such books, take a lot of time to actually read them, and later digest them to inculcate the same in my life and career. But the first few pages and let me tell you – I think it is going to be a wonderful read. It reflects upon what a Leader in true spirit is…Let me write one particular subject it here as it helps me too….He says a Leader should search deep inside his soul to understand the true meaning of his “being” – Asks a simple question – “Who am I?” and “What is my purpose?”

Deepak Chopra has broken the word Leaders into its letters and explains each letter as an attribute or quality of leaders:

L: Look and Listen: Being an unbiased observer and doing it from the bottom of your heart, your soul
E: Emotional Bonding:  Relieve yourself from all toxic emotions towards everything and everyone. Allows to rethink clearly.
A: Awareness: About oneself, about their being, about the demand from the situation or moment.
D: Doing: Be Action oriented, being persistent, having tenacity and also demonstrate flexibility and humour
E: Empowerment: Having an Empowered soul, free from good or bad opinion of others – it alleviates the status of person and the team.
R: Responsibility: Raising a team, and leading it to a path of greater consciousness
S: Synchronicity: Being connected and answer every need from the soul.

Such profound secret lying within the word and so wonderfully brought out by Deepak Chopra..I am still reading it, but it is amazing the way he has made me feel –

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How can I be of use for the greater good of the society at large?
  • How can start it from my own home?

Something that needs immediate attention is a holy rubdown of the toxic emotions that have recently filled up.  In many simple ways, it says, clear the clutter – clear your mind – that will clean the soul and give you something to lean upon from somewhere deep inside. I have know some people who have these qualities and some who have none.


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