Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 16

Life’s a Soap Opera

I was wondering the other day, as to does someone’s life necessarily need to be so episodic in nature…I was answered by none-other than my inner being – that’s a necessity bro! How else will there be the usual ups and downs, the drama within the melodrama, the truth within the lies floating around….all scripted to the tee.

Well…its needed agreed, but with a little less twists and turns and that too, not too often…lest it become a daily soap opera on our beloved channels.

Amazing it is, but – the manner in which episode after episode pass by with its own set of audience and applause (or none)! On one side its the blessing in disguise, the other its guile is life changing! Every step of the way, Life is indeed a soap opera!! Watched by yourself and scripted by yourself.

Have been noticing it for a while that I play a vital role in creating the scenes which pass me, every bit of it…what follows through, is the science of circumstances – every event, every word, every step takes one to the next scene which plays on its on, as a repercussion to what transpired a while back…so on and so forth.

No wonder, it has been told for ages – your actions define you, define your future, define your consequences… the script gets written as you carry along!!

Hum sab rangmanch ke kathputli hai jahanpanah – jiski dori hamare hi haath mein hai (We are all puppets, O King, the strings are in our very own hands)



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