Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 15

Is “Truth” Bitter?

….or is a human being‘s attitude bitter towards his acceptability to truth? I have always wondered why people end up saying that Truth is bitter (Sach Kadwa hota hai – in Hindi). Poor “Truth” – has to bear the ignominy of being the one to blame. Instead it should be the non-acceptability of the truth on its face which makes the attitudinal shift towards bitterness. It is yet another convenient manner in which we all try to put the blame on something else…

“You don’t like Truth, because it is bitter?” – well said, and even the reasons are oh so clear !

1. Humans are programmed not to like it, if what is being told to them is the truth especially if he is in the mode of denial or living in a paradigm of his own truth.

2. Truth if spoken in the incorrect manner (read: harsh) is bound to be unacceptable. No one would like it. And all said and done, it does get to that – always.

3. Acceptance is one thing; if you step back and think, you always knew the truth…its just that it was not palatable when it first occurred to you then and will never be palatable when someone else makes you feel so later!

How bitter the truth is and how long it lingers in your being, it is a matter of how fast one accepts it…and gulps it down.

Despite it being a human nature, we continue to blame Truth for the suffering it causes!


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