Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 14

In the Middle, Of the Middle, By the Middle

WP_003392 WP_003389 WP_003386There is something very peculiar about Cows and ‘Bails’ (Oxen or the ‘He-Cows’) in Gurgaon…they – invariably – in whatsoever circumstances they might be in – whichever place you look – find that the best place to be – is the Middle of the Road!! Check out these snaps taken in various locations in Gurgaon on different times of the year…

They Sit or stand to have a conference in the Middle of the bloody thoroughfare…nuisance…but we all pass by…I for all sometimes stand by and take snaps. I would love to remove them right away for causing nuisance..I cannot (read – ‘dare not’) go near them for various reasons, some of which are:

1. I am not crazy, specially because they are ‘Gou Mata’ (Cow is like our Mother), they can do whatsoever they want…we can only pass by….
2. Are you nuts? Do you not see those Horns? They are bigger than my bloody a***. Don’t want half a dozen of them chasing me and poke me…Ouch!!
3. They are Jat Cows…’nuff said
4. They are normally a herd…and they are hugely protective about their space…I love mine too…
5. Why get down from your car and bother them…(I am a passerby, I will not take the initiative and blame the Government of India)

I am just astonished, it happens everytime, without fail…I think the Human folk need to learn something from the bovine species….that of invariably finding the Middle Path…!!


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