Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 12

Being Half-Empty

Evidently…the happiness is all in ones hand…Will power to control yourself from going over board, or losing it and making the best of the day that you have!! Take it one day at a time. And you will not be disappointed!

I keep telling this to myself everyday…take it as it comes…not too much, not too little…just keep it “half-empty” (yes folks..I think there is a positive in that one too!!) – as there is still plenty to do. I have never found it hard to believe it for myself and practice it too.  I had been preaching it to my juniors in Air Force, to some of my younger subordinates in the multiple companies I worked in and also in some lectures I gave in a B-School sometime back. It was question some MBA undergrad asked me..”What is it that keeps professionals going on?” Well, I could only give my perspectives..and I told him in an assertive manner – just take it as it comes…You will always find a way!! Lift yourself everytime you fall, but fall you must…! If you don’t, there would be nothing to rise up to!!

I look back at my time gone by, there is so much to look forward to – I have everything half-finished…my guitar lessons, my karate (never made it to black belt), my aspirations as an Air Force pilot…all half-baked, half-empty…but I still trudge along…boldly at that…! I have to keep inspiring myself..because the pace of the world doesn’t!

I am half empty because I want to fill it up with all I yearn for!! There are some dreams which still need to be won!!


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