Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 11

The Inconvenience of civility

Its always a Sunday….a day to reminisce about the entire week that went by and it has been slightly off the hook lately…constantly ringing in my head that its not been up to expectation…I won’t be hiding away from the fact, that there is much needed room to get things back on the way it should be…for the better…

Nevertheless…it was an eventful week, positives, negatives, ups and downs (mostly in emotions)…but I think that is all part and parcel ain’t it?

So what can we discuss this week…?

For one…the sheer need of civic sense within the beloved species called the Homo Sapiens…! I am clearly out of league when it comes to people making driving / parking civility look like my backyard – full of garbage !! You have to see how we all misuse the education given to all of us…I am sure we all have undergone at least the basics of understanding of what it means to drive correctly, and we expect our kids to be civilized.

WP_002782WP_002783People park wherever they like, people park as and when they “arrive” and every body wants to be nearest to their destination, nobody likes to walk and oh..the honking…its an eyesore…yup an eyesore not an earsore…they are already sore…can’t feel nothing! Eyesore…the best of cars and the worst of cars…all do it…and the glare on the face of people doing that…that’s the eyesore!! Not to forget the ability to drive into incoming traffic, because the u-turn is not upto one’s likeable distance!! Check this out…an Excavator, of all things, taking the wrong side!! Now, is that normal…in India..yes!

There is a client who once came to our office…He has returned from the US recently. He happened to mention that the US Department on Consular affairs for India has a site which advises (read “warns”) travellers to India about road and traffice conditions in India…Check it out here..http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1139.html#traffic_safety.

A line from the para says – “Buses, patronized by hundreds of millions of Indians, are convenient in that they serve almost every city of any size. However, they are usually driven fast, recklessly, and without consideration for the rules of the road.”

Another one: “On Indian roads, the safest driving policy is to always assume that other drivers will not respond to a traffic situation in the same way you would in the United States. On Indian roads, might makes right, and buses and trucks epitomize this fact. Buses and trucks often run red lights and merge directly into traffic at yield points and traffic circles. Cars, auto-rickshaws, bicycles, and pedestrians behave only slightly more cautiously. Use your horn or flash your headlights frequently to announce your presence. It is both customary and wise.”

I am loathe to say..that should be shameful enough…Next time on…I will post a photo of a metro station in my area, which has gone berserk with the number of Auto rickshaws..just saw it today…!!

That’s quite enough for this episode then…?


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