Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 10

Learning it the Humble way

An important message I give to myself every time I walk out of the door is – “Never lose the humility that your life has presented to you in so many ways – my humble parents, my wonderful upbringing, my education, my experiences and above all your own pride” . I have told this to myself in as many words possible, and I think I have been repaid in several ways. Why am I bringing it here…?

It’s just that over the past few years, I have been able notice and appreciate the fact that I do not like it when people are too egoistic and arrogant about themselves or things around their own selves…I am assuming that they might be able to discover the same in me if I become so. It shows people – it shows on the face very, very clearly when someone is inherently, “emotionally” arrogant!! And let me tell you, of all the ugly faces one can see and remember, this I believe is the ugliest.

I have realized this in many ways, in myself and most definitely in others…

Now, it’s a human trait you may say…agreed! But does it give someone the right to blatantly say anything, do anything and moreover, act any-which-way they think is best in their own paradigm of interest, so that it brings hurt to others?

I say a Big NO – in this case!! It has also been noted and researched that most reactions have an underlining trait of ego bound to it…arrogance breeds contempt for everything and everyone, (so-called) “inferior”.

Ego and Arrogance is something I want to part ways with…forever, Now!! I do not want to judge other people (I do not have the right to do it)..I judge myself..and I do not like myself when I become so!!

Humility has the biggest payback…folks!



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