Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 9

Being Light

Having a “lighter than” feeling is nice. Probably why the 9th episode has come faster than usual..! I want this to happen quite often..and I have realized that, while I know writing without any plan or inhibition actually makes me feel good and light..it is all in the mind!!

Once I am able to free my mind, fingers flow across the keyboard with my thoughts. And how so….its like my mind wants to do the talking and my body – fingers – respond with elan..or is it that the fingers have a mind of its own. Thus Spake my Finger !! Ahem…And it comes and goes..If the mind loses track of the flow, I simply stop and wait till the mind is back 🙂 Spontaneity is key!!

Nevertheless, I am feeling light…and it has helped…its not sudden, it just happened and there were situations around which aided in the lightness…closed a deal independently in my new avatar and I guess, that is one reason. The other could be a continued reassuring that my mind does to me. So however small it might have been, it was a good feeling, for all of us in fact. I am glad I could do it, but after so many years in the profession, that is the least that could have been expected out of me!!

Interacting with people comes naturally to me. And I believe being true to myself exuberates the energy of genuineness and that shows in the way people trust me with the decisions I make for them – of course I falter in many ways with my own family, I think it is with everyone..its actually the attitude of taking for granted! No, why should I feel bad on opening up here…these are not overwhelming secrets, its true for all those who are reading it. One has to sell the trust outside home, at home you are taken for what you are and you end up taking the near and dear ones for granted!!

Just as I did feel on closing this small deal..Light, I have decided I will make people around me to feel the same too…I will give them the closures they need from my end! There could be many, I just need to understand.


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