Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 8

Been a long time since I have been here…not sure whether I actually missed doing this…but there has to be an inadvertant trigger which causes the vent-it-out tremors! Now, what exactly was the situation, I do not want to reveal, lest it aims at being a let-it-all-out post, I think I will limit it to a saying – a rule was broken!

Notwithstanding the fact that Rules are meant to be broken (too cliched actually), the sanctity of certain rules must always remain true to the occasion. Selfishness, high-handed and loud show of vocal chords, imposition of rules by one and non-adherance of self, or plain and simple loud reaction to something said is a rule broken in the laws or rules of inter personal communication.

Not sure how I want to articulate this, but I guess it comes from an innate desire to once have a sane communication, with a lot of laughter, smiles, brainy debate, and NO egos whatsoever! I mean, isn’t that mature enough? It has happened so often that I am loathe to think that there is something wrong in the manner in which things are moving around with some people I interact with. Why should an ongoing healthy communication link be broken just because one cannot understand or gauge the other person’s comic tones in the voice? I guess it all comes from maturity anyway.

I think those who cannot keep emotions in check or egos straitjacketed, are simple enough – highly immature professionals or people for that matter. It applies to me to in many ways, but I have seen over the past couple of years, my being non-reactive, soft (emotionally) and non-egoistic in many issues has only given me more confidence that nothing is wrong with me. Its the world I choose that has taken me for granted.

I also want to mull over a thought pin niggling in my overheated brain that there seems to be some problem in my choice of people I want to associate with!! Is it just me, or is it the natural flow of time and destiny that makes me think so? Many a times, my brain votes for the former, but I bend myself towards the rationality of it being “flowing with the flow” ! I might want to stop interacting with certain types of people maybe, but I want time to naturally select that for me. Don’t want this break this rule – not now, not never!

Looking forward to time straightening things up for me,  slowly and steadily. Whether I have to work alone or with others!



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