Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 6

So here it is …the 6th episode from the heart…life as is!! And it took me a lot of time doing so. The last time I wrote in the “free your mind” way was 4 months back….! That saddens me…

You know..there are times in the life when you want answers to every problem of yours as in Right Now!! But that’s not how it all works, does it? There is a time, a pace, when it all gets working towards being solved. And the pace, path and result is decided by two things – the situation itself and Oneself. And let me tell you, you can, control it in one form or the other, however much somebody may say otherwise.  And when it does not work in your desired fate, well, please be rest assured, the path you chose led it there!

But how does the situation decide the pace, path and result of action?

Something draws my attention towards a book I read quite some time back – ‘The Alchemist’. Needless to say that Paulo Coelho has put this seed in my mind about how much you yearn for things. And how the degree, confidence, practicality and reality of that yearning decides that you get it. You need something (like in this very hour – I so want a situation in my life to resolve), you have to really, really yearn for it with a ‘missionary zeal’ (not my words, told to me by one business colleague 3-4 years back, but these have made a home here).  The faith that one has on that need, that amount of mind that you put to it brings about a change of aura, an energy around you which makes things work towards the same.

There’s a very unique study called Neotic Sciences which also advocate this in some form. It being a science, they say that a collection of minds or brain, when connected like a hive, and focusing all neural activity towards a particular cause, makes that cause to actually happen. Brain waves, which seem to have the same frequency towards One particular need, creates that energy which radiates into the surroundings which in turn picks those signals and starts changing to adapt to the new radiation. In due course, that is what changes things, and the so called destiny happens.

So does hard work pay? It does, because it is nothing but focused energies.  I believe no one is a born leader or achiever. It is the energy which he or she puts in towards that one single point , single-minded-devotion is what they call it, that makes him or her so. While I write this, I think this is something which I have always missed. A Single minded focus!

I remember very vividly. I have always done well when I had focused well on something. Off late – hmmm that’s a question I am willing to ask myself publicly without any inhibition. That is where things need a lot of improvement.  Wondering and taking steps towards it one day at a time. I do not expect it to be wondrous and a miracle waiting to happen. I WILL get there, I say to myself.

Anyway so we are talking about the pace of events and problems. The situation rides it. It is one’s own free will power that might just alter the pace, and probably the result of it too.  For those who read this, this is just an endeavor to tell myself what I need to be doing and not preaching in any form without experiencing it first-hand.


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