Teri Baimani ki Sau!

Our Neighbour has been upto its own tricks again and again…Killing our Soldiers ruthlessly, brutally! I know my fauji brothers must be seething inside and waiting for some decisive action from this Government…however, I also know that despite the burning desire…they just cannot express themselves on any forum…Here’s what I think they must be feeling at this point in time..Some thoughts (impromptu, yet again on hearing the news) on the voice of an Indian solider on the ongoing Baimani..

Ubal Raha hai Hind jaise,
Khoon nahi hai Pani hai…
Laho beh raha hai hamara,
Tu kar raha baimani hai!

Yaad karo zara us din ko,
maut ban hum aaye the…
tere ghar mein ghus ke tujhpar,
kodhe humne barsaye the!

chhalni kiya tha seena  tera,
nadiya khoon ke bahaye the…
Kaat kaat ke maidan-e-jung mein,
lohe humne galaye the!

Itne jaldi bhool gaya tu,
ban ke maut hum aye the,
Tere maa behno ne bhi,
matam bade manaye the!

Mere ghar mein aag laga kar,
tu chain se na so payega..
Mat jaga Hind Ko,
Dushman, Jal kar rakh ho jayega!

Phoonk Phoonk ke rakhna kadam ab,
hume har mode pe payega..
Tere Baimani ki sau,
Kabr se pehle hi mitti ho jayega!

Shantanu Sharma


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