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ek-tamacha-logo-no1.jpgIn a shameful admittance of the Pakistani attitude towards the brave dead, whether be Indian or Pakistani, Mr Rehman Malik, the Pakistani Interior Minister said that the Indian martyr of the Kargil War, Captain Saurabh Kalia and 5 other soldiers, might have died of weather. It was evident from the bodies given to India during the war that the platoon led by Cpt Kalia was mutilated due to extreme torture.  Pakistan’s handling of the soldiers had violated the international convention on the treatment of prisoners of war. It may be remembered that Pakistani had denied the presence of its soldiers in Indian Territory in the Kargil War despite the capture of evidence from dead Pakistani Rangers.

Captain Kalia’s father Shri N K Kalia has  taken up the matter with International Court of Justice, as the Indian Government also appeared to be washing its hands.

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