Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 5

I am back from a vacation today and I must say, though it was a good break, it does not seem refreshing at all…as I would have normally wanted to claim. I think it was tiring, and on some days in the past week…back-breaking. Carrying the luggage around 4 different cities is not easy. 😉 I had wanted to carry my laptop to keep myself hooked onto the social media…it would have been slightly better mentally..but that was a promise I made myself and to the family – no laptop! Moreover it would have added onto the weight of the luggage. Didn’t want anything more heavier, especially on the conscience – the promise to my wife held me steadfast. I tried writing on my Lumia 710, but it was not easy, so I dumped the idea of writing on the go and resorted to my other love – photography. Even so, being tired during the trip also helped sleep better – that made up for so much lost sleep.

I may also be feeling so un-refreshed because the season-change up North is back with a vengeance (temperatures have started to fall), and that has brought in the usual cold and cough along with it. So I have been sneezing away to glory for the past 2 days, which does not help in retaining the mood of the journey. Some part of the journey,though, was great – as we got to meet with friends we last met a decade back. Read about it here.

I am slightly worried – I may actually be heading for a bad cold and sickly week. There are important meetings and some very important life changing decisions to be made. Pray that all goes well…


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