Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 4

It does not get better than this. Its beyond midnight, I am watching a recorded Masterchef Australia, had a wonderful day and a great discussion with a new friend I think, I am making in the business world, and I see more people from the worldwideweb liking what I write here. Thanks guys. It is indeed so humbling…! You see, the more I write, it gets even more clearer to me that it is indeed what I should have been doing for a long time. It turns out that I have found yet another great stress-buster for myself. I used to do a lot of gaming earlier and then reading – and off and on watch movies, and some writing only in between (which was virtually never)…..! I now do a lot of movies, quite a bit of reading, some writing and no gaming (now that is PC Gaming by the way!). This orders needs a rearrangement it seems, and I guess I might  be writing again on that some other day!!

I have to mention this, but some wonderful happened a while back. I (foolishly) misinterpreted a message on a website about some report that I could purchase on the net. I thought I could buy a monthly subscription, despite the fact that the website clearly mentioned that I would be billed annually. I went ahead and charged my card and found this out..the yearly billing. It was a shock, but that was due to the foolish mistake I just did. Nevertheless, I happened to write to them (with a hope) about this misinterpretation and guess what, they just refunded me my money for rest 11 months! I am certainly humbled by this gesture from the company and will forever take this as an example on customer delight!

I must mention this – the company in question is a start-up called Survey Report, who conduct this online survey or polling on peer feedback of an individual. Not only is the report very well thought out, I think the depth of the report is great and informative and certainly useful in building and planning a career, and / or looking at the changes suggested by people in your Network – that is what got me to subscribe to it in the first place!! It is connected with LinkedIn, so makes it all the more important professionally. It was a lesson in disguise too – read the written stuff before you end up doing something stupid!

So a good day to end!


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