Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 3

My free-writing episode no 3 has fructified due to an event in my life. And the event has made me even more focused on learning this art a little bit more.  The fact that it has happened to me for the first time, makes it even more significant that I mention it here.

I am writing this to thank a few people who I think are great people. To not know someone and still like what they do is a sign of humility and greatness. Thanks a Heart to fellow bloggers Sasha Hunter, Igamemom and Ido Lanuel for liking my blog Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 2. I am humbled. It feels so good to be connected in a wonderfully similar way – writing! I have gained a lot to just have been liked by some random bloggers from the worldwideweb!! To see an addition to my community, which gets displayed in the footer here, is good.

If you guys are somehow revisiting me here, I would like to take an opportunity to tell that you have actually made me feel good as well as encouraged to write more from the heart than for the need of it. Which is what I think I excel in…just write with the flow…and it turns out to be good…its like Spoken word Poetry (check one here…actually should not be written as much as spoken, but nevertheless…). It encourages a flow of mind, of heart and of what you’d rather speak than write. All of you do things so differently – Walk the Road Less Traveled – and I so identify myself with this thought…more so these days!!

There are friends who I think write better, and that has led me to do at least a little bit to just be myself and stick to putting feelings in words! I would love to find some time to get back to those books I wanna read…but I need to Free my mind, before I do it, and not be burdened with just the formality of needing to do so. As one of my new blogger connect has mentioned on his site…To be Aware- its all about disbelieving your thoughts! Profound and Positive – it is your thoughts that hold you back…so just let go..Free your Mind!

Speaking of which I thought of just putting in a word about a blog item which I re-blogged from Ido Lanuel’s site (its a great piece by the way) on how disastrous memories can be. It is so true Ido, just the fact of knowing that, what might have happened to me in the past, can actually overwhelm you present and change your future – is dark reality!! That reminds me of a close friend and a brother to me, who once wrote in my Diary…”Learn from the, Plan your Future, but LIVE in the Present”

Surreal..So real!!


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