Writing :: Simbly :: episode 2

I have been dilly dallying this affair…writing something here….for quite sometime now. What should I say, I was not at all busy; just let the time pass and not focus on what I can do best! Just as a matter of fact, I have read 6 books in 2 months flat (August and September) and the list is here:

  •  The entire Ramayana Series from Ashok Banker
    • Prince of Ayodhya – The book review available already…read it here ; also read the same review on www.goodreads.com
    • Seige of Mithila – This has been part written already, but never could get myself to write. Turmoils in life were the reason I gave myself (pathetic). This the the ones that follow…
    • Armies of Hanuman
    • Bridge of Rama
    • King of Ayodhya

There is another one which I read,  The Five Greatest Warriors, by Mathew Reilly. Yet another Hero series book …fast paced and entertaining (but exaggerated). But the review is for another day…

So that makes it 6 book reviews!!! I want to write and I will…just need some settling down. This is just plain and simple…writing…as the heart and mind goes –  right now, write now!!

I have been working on something off late – something which has become a motto of sorts – Walking the Road Less Traveled.  The idea is to just get rid of the mundanity in life and capture the unimaginable or simply put, in true Fauji style..Have “Josh” (here actually meaning Spirited and not the real kidding as it means) in life. Ever since, I started believing in the path I have to take, ideas have been popping up in my mind. So much so, you see a newly designed blog site here. Spent a considerable amount of time, trying to learn the tricks of this trade, and this is just the shore…an ocean has to be traversed.

So just keeping it rowing for now!!


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