Writing :: Simbly :: Episode 1

So it seems that I have this urge to write more…with the notion that it will make me feel positive – there has been a sense of (in fact tons of) bitterness and negativity in my very significant life for quite some time and I need to get out of it!! After all, life is all about being happy – and all this being negative is not helping at all.

Lost sleep, been talking to myself, unnecessarily preoccupied at home and work, too (read TOOOOO) much introspection, hunting the wrong in me, loss of confidence, stupid mental  clutter – and many more such symptoms. Its killing believe me. Never do it – anyone reading it. Very recently I was at IILM, Gurgaon, giving a lecture to these young MBA undergrads about Leadership Challenges. I presented the few things that a Leader usually finds challenging. One thing which I mentioned was that one should not aim to possess the following traits:

Negative | Ignorant | Greedy | Hopeless | Thankless | Miserable | Angry | Rude | Envious

…This leads to NIGHTMARE (check above for the acronym hidden in the word !!) So true!!

Mind you…Every time I fume and fuss burns up my fuel… this bitterness must have added to my own global carbon footprint massively – Greenpeace will be very unhappy!!

So here I am just writing – “simbly” ! Whatever comes to my mind….its a bent state of mind now and I think its wise to just let it out…Just “Free Your Mind” (Morpheus in Matrix is smiling!!). Would it help? Well time will tell. At least it is helping in another way… I have always wanted to write more and had wanted to get this going! Today it is a thought – that my negativity feeling needs to translate out into words – lest it drains me completely and starts giving me a NIGHTMARE! I will live with this for a while – need it badly to avoid being consumed by thoughts which add no value to either me or the world around me. !

Feels good already!!


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