A Good Design

If I ever had a good design…
It would be an Idea circumpassing a paradigm
Of Being,
Of Thought,
Of a youthful exuberance,
Of peace within the colours of a sanctuary…
It would be the matter and the anti-matter
Placed between the crevices of the mind
And bringing out the deep set beauty…

If I ever had a good design…
Colours would be secondary,
Love would come first…
Spread around in a world so confused,
So belligerent
So dark…
Phased to last…
Designed to conquer!

If there ever was a good design…
Earth would be “The” One,
And the universe around it.
A pale blue dot in the void of black!
A beauty in the vacuum of God’s own design
Perfection in creation
Designed to Create,
Designed to Breath,
Designed to Live!


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