Middle East: On the verge of a Ctrl+Alt+Del

The turmoil in the Middle East has started taking a revolutionary turn and seems to be a precursor to the Domino effect. Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria and now Egypt – which is burning as we mull over my writing – is sending out clear messages to rulers; We the People will strongly remain “We the People”. WE will not take it lying down…WE will decide..NOW! The movement is sure to engulf more countries. A similar effect is being seen in India with a large rally on Corruption issues held yesterday, however, we are handling it more democratically.

The influence of USA had been bearing down whole solely on this volatile area of the world..but this seems to be waning with these revolutions….very soon we will see the region being demarcated with new politics. But would this mean an end to American influence in the region and eventual defeat and demise of Israel? Would this also lead to a new regional force in Syria or Iran?

Going by the looks of it, Egypt will need to move the Tunisia way, however, they stand to gain with the ex-IAEA premier Al Bardei being touted as a in-principally agreed interim leader. Tunisia is still dangerously poised and the transition to stable governance still a while away. The possibility of Hosni Mubarak to continue looks bleak, but he has been at the helm of affairs for three decades – it is difficult to write him off just yet…!

The change being sought by the people, does not really look like a change but a sheer reboot of ideologies..the ideology of freedom from tyranny and oppression. The question is – is it time for  a Ctrl + Alt + Del of the Middle East “System”?


One response to “Middle East: On the verge of a Ctrl+Alt+Del

  1. 22 days since I wrote this blog and there has been a upturn in the events of the Middle Earth!! Tunisia, Egypt, and now Libya is burning…it is eventually the people who are deciding for their better.

    Something reminds me…the world will enter Chaos..Kalyug is nigh!!

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