Simply Fly

We may have read many autobiographies of many celebrities, including businessmen; however, this particular one has the certain elements which really make a heart go “Wow…if he can do it, anyone can”! I am talking here about Captain G. R. Gopinath, the man behind India’s first low cost airline, who reached where he is today, with ultimate will power to following his dreams. Now wouldn’t that be cliché – follow your dreams, do the right thing, toil hard, be firm with your dreams, learn everyday – we may be hearing or reading them quite often in our lives. So what does this book have to offer to make it a good read!

In Simple terms – a Simple man’s, simple journey from his childhood to where he is today, having built the best in class low cost airline which had a catch word – Simplyfly!! Get inspired – read this book to get to know the man not only as the creator of Air Deccan , but also of several other successful projects in his life, his triumphs and travails. Not many first generation entrepreneurs have dabbled into farming – lost everything to floods, turned a barren land into an award winning silk worm production unit (he got the Rolex Award for it), enter politics and lose and election, and that too after having been an Army Officer and fought wars, and then create a revolution in Indian aviation.

‘Simply Fly” is a common man’s story from a village school to being counted among the top businessmen in India. His determination to own an airline which everyone and anyone could fly in took him from where he was to where he is today. It was to be the start of a no-frills airline, where costs were tightly monitored and enable millions of people to fly for the first time. Of course the journey was fraught with problems and he eventually had to sell the airline to Vijay Mallya. In fact he even shares the dialogue between him and Vijay Mallya as an anecdote – the book is actually littered with wonderful first hand anecdotes which also highlight the simplicity of Captain Gopinath. They are fun to read.

You will not find this as the usual management book, which tells you what to do and how to do to reach somewhere in life. In a sense, Simplyfly is a true story of a common man’s life, the challenge any common man faces in his life, problems of poverty, losing everything to a flood, bureaucratic and political apathy etc. It is also a story on the rising up from the ground up with sheer determination every time he falls or fails in all types of adversities! This is where the difference in being a common man and a man among commons! I could safely say that it was he who created his own turf, opened a new market in India, making it possible to others to emulate.

 Today Captain Gopinath runs Deccan 360, a logistics company and lives and works out of Bangalore.


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