One Tight Slap 8: Unreachable Onions


This 5 letter word will loom large over the minds of many Indians these days….notwithstanding that Burari has been kept busy for the past 3 days trying to keep our “beloved” politicos from the Congress mulling over what is going wrong. They may think they have been deluged with scams galore, but the “minions” cannot think beyond the “Onions” and the price they are commanding these days…

So while one TV channel shows the meteoric rise of the Onion’s market cap, the other is showing how to cook an Onion-less meal…chutney, matar-paneer and so forth! Ambani must beware, though he may be a Non-onionitarian…the increase in market value of the common onion is more than his company’s shares!

There are some who prepare to buy lesser onions on the daily grocery, there are others who are creating a niche in the wall to place the Onion under a haloed light. Even the jewellers should be mulling dumping Gold for an Onion outlet!! So much for my onion pallete…I guess its time we have Onion essence, Onion Puree and even Onion Flavoured Condoms now, lest we forget what it tasted like!! Brace yourselves for an Onion free world (The Jainites must be rejoicing…we will all slowly head their ways!!)

This tight slap is to all those who want to De-onion our meals!


One response to “One Tight Slap 8: Unreachable Onions

  1. One year on..the onions are still around…so the “beloved” parliament has indeed worked it around to make sure We the People do not get Op-Onion-nated against the Government!!

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