Shirdi Trip May2010

Right just now I am returning from a trip to Shirdi . The train is waiting at stop signal outside Itarsi. Now that’s a place i only knew exists on the railway track enroute to somewhere. But given a chance maybe i want the ‘Jab we met’ effect to happen to me – i.e. I get down and get to miss my train or something and roam around on the streets of an unknown city of India and experience my own country somewhere else. Now what is the possibility of this happening to someone’s lives.

As of now we run around getting our ends meet and our dreams fulfilled. Dreams have been increasing in megabytes each day. Sometimes own, sometimes someone else’s, and sometimes a dream becomes the means to another dream!

(The train eventually stopped at Itarsi but that’s another piece of writing.)

And that is why this annual pilgrimage to the Darshan of Babaji, the formulator of dreams and fulfiller too. We have had a fulfilling trip and darshan of Babaji i must say. One day, 3 darshan all very good easy ones, which was much more with the problems that we faced out to Shirdi. The train was late, then the AC was not functioning properly in half the bogie, not ours, but later on for 4 hours, the entire bogie had come under the non-functional AC’s heat. Luckily we were to de-board soon so just kept going. Then it was the turn of the hotel at Shirdi. Though we stay there often, the generator was not functional and there would be no Ac yet again.Anyway, by this time we had got used to it.

Darshan afterwards was absolutely stunning. We were in the mêlée of devotees , and the security guards first a lady and then a man, asked us to step aside, bang on the Samadhi and told to relax and do the darshan ‘aaraam se’! One even asked me to get Arshi to touch the Samadhi for blessings !! Now that was something. It took us an hour and a half to reach the Samadhi, and there we were spending a fulfilling 4 mins near Babaji.we have had our chances to Darshan earlier and by His grace will have many later, this one will stand out.


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