One Tight Slap 7 : UP Etawah Police

It is Such a shame that we have policemen in the country who think that every human being is a punching bag…leave alone a child who does not even know what innocence is!!

My heart goes out to the six year old girl who was brutally thrashed, hair pulled, jostled and humiliated in public for being poor and in the wrong place at the wrong time. This happened in Etawah in UP which is slowly turning to be a “Strong will reign and Poor will pay” zone in the country. For no fault of hers…her pleas falling into deaf ears…6 grown up “old” policemen have done the most heinous act of their life and they MUST PAY FOR IT. She was a just a KID for crying out loud….this incident has put me in a lot of pain…..I had literally cried for once ….

I recommend public flogging of these idiots !! Every person has a right….but these men were heartless beings who have to be thrown in the brig and put into isolation for the next 12 months.

I have a child of my own and God forbid someone even dare to do this to her…I will make the person’s life so miserable that he will beg for death!!! I will probably do this for any child being harassed in front of my eyes.

ONE (Hundred) TIGHT SLAP for the UP Etawah Police for this shameful and brutal act…..


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