One Tight Slap : 6 : The mishandling of the Hero of Bomb Blast

One small-god-forsaken-4-foot-9 year old boy from Delhi rusty by-lanes saw the bombers of the recent blasts in the Capital !! He had the balls to go to the police and declare that he can and will recognize them for the sake of the very own "society"  which makes him sell balloons for  living !! (that’s another slap separately someday!) And how does the blessed Delhi police handle this delicate situation ?

The "confiscate" him from his life and dump him into the police station to make him undergo the SOP of recognizing the bombers for them!! 2 days , almost no sleep, they "use" him and once through ..dump him at his usual by-lane home with no protection at all ???? Not only that…he is asked to stay put in his house for the fear of his own life…he cannot earn is daily bread for as long as the threat remains !!

Does the police not know that he is now the prime target of the bombers ? He is a Hero and he should be treated like a prince if not a King !! He deserves more than just that…

One tight slap to the Delhi Police and Administration for the mishandling of the Hero !!


One response to “One Tight Slap : 6 : The mishandling of the Hero of Bomb Blast

  1. The boy has since been moved to a safe house, I think the media here was strong in commenting on the plight of the child !!

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