One Tight Slap 5 : Mamata Banerjee’s “DIDIGIRI’

The Nano project was one step for Man in India and to be a part of the history in making had made Bengal giant leap of its mankind out of its miserable non-capitalistic ways !!

I am from Bengal , I am part Bengali, I love Bengal and look forward to its growth to uncharted territories. Bengal has all the ingredients to make it the most prosperous state in India. But then we also have people like Mamata Banerjee, who is not only ruining the prospects of the state, but also that of the lakhs of bengalis who lived of meagre means!!

Farming, notwithstanding, will continue to have its importance, but only an industry can provide the much needed boost to an average farmer’s income and outlook towards a new world!! Mamata di is measuring herself against the vote banks that she wants to garner from the poor farmers who supposedly want their land back.

Has she gone mad ? And she is infecting unsuspecting Bengalis with her histrionics. For small brownie points she is willing to let go the prosperity of the state…with 80K crore at stake..I pity her !!

One tight slap to Mamata for her stupid Didigiri !


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