My Dance to glory

It had been long when I had actually done a stage performance. On the annual day for Polaris, Polday 2008, I was the master of ceremonies , the anchor….after a long time…a large audience and I could not let go of this moment….

I always wanted to be a stage performer….was good at it…but could not go beyond a point…(that goes for you too Krishnan…you were a better performer, and so was Sridhar…but thats a different story altogether!).

So here was I …anchoring the entire fun event ..but I wanted to start it differently…and thus came my Dance to settle people in their seats and get the show to a rocking start…Start mein kuch dum hone chahiye na!

I thought of dancing to the new Main Hun Don number ! It was a spontaneous dance with spontaneous steps…fortunately it turned out to be much appreciated and became my Dance to glory !!!! Check me out as The Don !! I will add a video snapshot later !! 


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