One Tight Slap : 3 : Abortion Plea

This Tight slap is to the judgement on the Abortion of the unborn child!!

How does one understand the state of mind of a would-be-mother…who knows that her child will be born with a almost fatal condition ? So much so that she had wanted to let the child go , while it was in her womb!! You cannot get more stronger and braver than that!! I Salute the lady who had the guts to tell the world – My child is not well and will not be well, So it is wise that it does not come in this world!!

Imagine a child born with a disorder which might cripple it for the rest of the life….the suffering of the child is acceptable to some of the world ..isn’t there enough already anyway?

What about the heartbreak the parents will face each living day to see the child suffer? And God Forbid if anything untoward happens to the child after birth …..the loss then will be unbearable for the parents?

Last but not the least, will the court pay for the cost of taking care of the child ?

One Tight Slap to the Court’s Decision to not allow the abortion and also to the medical fraternity of not coming out strongly in favor of this plea, but of course that is an individual opinion!


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