An unexplained Co-incidence

How does one time himself on a regular day, running a couple of house errands, doing a charitable work and co-incidentally meet a very old friend crossing your path in his car going the opposite end!!  How often does this happen in a human’s lifetime….well……probably 1 in a million!! But this co-incidence was divine intervention !!

On Saturday last, 19th July 2008, I was on my way to see my flat under-construction after I had paid my electricity bill. On the turning towards my flat wala row , there was a big crowd around a young guy who had broken his leg in an accident and was sitting on the road. No-one was moving to give him at least a first aid…..I do not know what made me stop my car, get down and walk towards the middle of the crowd…..I helped and mobilized first aid, tied his legs to an immovable position so that the pain of the broken leg does not shock him, washed his wounds and then took him and another person with the intention of taking them to hospital…

Now, check the divine intervention, …I wanted to take them to hospital….the injured guy insisted to take him to his office further away, so that his boss could arrange for the hospital…I took him to his office, then his boss came, and we drove towards the hospital!! While stopping on the small crossroad towards the hospital, I noticed a man driving his car across ..we looked at each other and almost stopped dead in the tracks…it was or it seemed so…that I saw Anand Mishra!!! But how could he be here….and I drove on to the hospital !! He must have seen me too and wondered the same thing….he turned around and had followed the medical centre…and here I was standing face to face with my childhood best friend Anand…with whom I have shared some of the most loving childhood moments !!

The sheer timing of the events on that day only meant that this was destined to happen and in a manner which gave me a great satisfaction..!!….to help someone and get rewarded with a best friend!! I cannot explain this co-incidence..but I am glad it happened!! 


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