One Tight Slap 2

This Tight Slap is for the Communist Left party who are holding the country’s government to ransom by voting against it on a matter on National interest : The Nuclear deal. Well as a layman, I may think that the deal is naturally great for India, where the energy needs will rise exponentially every day. However, the communists who are China worshippers will have to oppose a USA driven deal.
There are mutliple people in the defence and Security related agencies, stating that the Nuclear Deal is in the Nation’s Interest, however, driven by their basic instinct of "down-with-USA" syndrome, the Communist have to denounce this agreement, without giving a thought or two. Why don’t they see the image of West Bengal, which has degraded under the Left rule over the years. A Communist China has changed the way it is being protrayed around the world (A Capitalistic Communist Country!!). Why can’t our Communist be practical and at least think India-wise and not "otherwise"?
One Tight Slap to them for unnecessarily trying to call for early elections (God Forbid !!) and wasting People’s money once again!

One response to “One Tight Slap 2

  1. I guess the world was saved thanks to some great politics by Dr Singh and Co. !! Thanks for the good of the nation !!

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