One Tight Slap : 1 : The Plight of Munda

There has been several cases of misdoings of people of repute, who we know as celebrities or public figures or lawmakers and law-protectors in general , which have gone unnoticed or unpunished. With a series of "slaps", I would like to bring to notice the wrong doing of these people and would love if all India people can raise the voice like this.

The First Tight Slap goes to the Wildlife authorities of Orissa for their "retarded" behavior. Not only have they separated a Human from another human, but also an animal from the only caring human for him, all for the sake of pseudo protectionism of the law under the premise of the Wild Life Act. Poor Munda, has been jailed and his 6 year old daughter has been separated from him and kept at a state run hostel!! Apart from that, the bear cub who was looked after by Munda was sent to the state run zoo …and now it is refusing to eat!!

Such a disappointing show of upper handedness of the law. Is this how it is expected to function – without logic? Good that you have upheld the law as it should have been, however, I guess it is important also to be humane and understand the prevailing circumstances. What has the child done to have suffered the agonizing heartbreak from being separate from the only person who matters to her the most?

One Tight Slap to the officials of the Wildlife protection !! Go on and protect the forests from Poachers and tree hackers, rather than try and get brownie points by arresting un-informed innocent and caring people like Munda.


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